About me
Branding con sentido. Identidad visual, diseño gráfico y web para marcas con sentido. Brand stylist para emprendedoras, pequeñas empresas y proyectos creativos. Te ayudo a descubrir el alma de tu empresa, diseñar una imagen que sea capaz de expresarla  y encontrar aquello que crea lazos con tus clientes. Un viaje al corazón de tu marca.
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Hello, my name is Alba.
I want to thank you for being here and wanting to know more about me.



love to shape ideas and transmit messages and experiences through images, colors, typographies … This is how my love for branding and visual identity began. They bring together many types of art that inspire me, such as graphic design, photography and communication.


My entrepreneurship arose as it has in many other women: wanting to live from our talent, creating a business based on what we do with our hearts. That is why I find immense meaning in working with entrepreneurs who, like you, seek to balance life, work and vocation.


I was born in Barcelona and lived there for many years and it will always be a part of me. Some time ago, my partner and I decided to start a fresh adventure: living closer to nature. So, we found a house in a small Alpine village. Now I have my studio here in the mountains, where I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses that are searching for meaningful design and branding.


I dedicate my time to conceiving the graphic universe and strategy of a brand. The first thing is to get to know your work thoroughly, the story it tells and what makes it unique. This is the launching pad for the creation of a strategy that will reach the hearts of your clients and the support to make your project shine.

In other words: my job is to discover the soul of your business and shape it in order to connect with those clients who are looking for someone who does just what you do.


Ready to sign on?